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 My role with the Seraphim Angels is to assist you to open your heart to Divine Grace and allow the magnificence of the Divine to flow through

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 An Experience of Love, Light and Encouragement
A message from Saxon Knight

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How I began

I first realized that the Seraphim Angels were with me in 2008, and this was the main reason I decided to enroll on the Angel Ministry Program – the Order of the Seraphim. They have told me that they have always been with me lifetime after lifetime but it took me a long time to recognize it.

I knew there was something calling me, something I had to do, but I didn’t take the time to stop and listen.

I had no previous experience of angels, and I was happy living in the physical world and all it offers.

But in 1999 I actually began seriously to look at different methods and modalities for spiritual awareness and development.

I began an extremely rapid training period into spiritual awareness, and very quickly moved through different levels of understanding, going from one teacher to another, sometimes within months.

I just presumed I was gathering information and trying out new things, I had no idea this was my apprenticeship.

This was the way the Seraphim Angels were giving me the experience, and showing me what is possible. Without this prior information and training, I would not have been able to accept my work with them.

What I would like to share with you is the experience and knowledge of how this connection feels. How it is an extension of you and how essential it is to your development, happiness and joy. How developing this strong bond and oneness with Angels will create a life of deep connection and take you beyond what you think is possible, into the realms of eternal peace and grace.

When people ask me how did you develop your connection I cannot remember the exact journey for I have moved so far away from my beginning when I first became consciously aware of the presence of angels in my life.

I can remember part of what I did but the feeling and experience of those first baby steps is no longer with me. I have grown so far from this early beginning and all my doubts, fear and worries that I had, have transformed into hope, strength, clarity, love and devotion.

I wanted to share this with you so that where ever you might be on your journey with the angels, the more you persevere, the more you practice, your faith builds into an unshakeable force and you have clarity and direction.

My personal connection with the Seraphim Angels is about feeling and experience.  I feel them as a fiery passionate energy of great devotion and love.  It is a powerful and deep direct experience in my physical body.

Through my special and close partnership with the Seraphim Angels I am able to use my wisdom, to be able to give others my strength and courage, to help others negotiate life by using their own abilities and strengths they already possess.

The Angels bring to us an intense intimate love like the safe and secure love of mother, or the power of the father, or the intimate and unconditional love of a partner.

Some people have outstanding revelations or amazing life changing experiences or a beautiful encounter with an angel. Mine was gentle, peaceful and intimate, although rapid. We are all unique and so is our experience of angels.

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I work with the Seraphim Angels to receive the healing power of Divine Grace so people can open up to their own uniqueness and experience love. They can feel alignment and union with oneness, the spirit of life. This is achieved through the Seraphim Immersions where the energy of Divine Grace is transmitted through my voice and through the words I receive in their guidance and teachings.


The concept of partnership

We are all part of the Divine, so there is a oneness not only with these beautiful, Angels but with everything that has ever been created.

The Seraphim Angels are the experts in bringing to us an immense healing force that we can use to help others but most importantly ourselves. They also bring us a dynamic and treasured connection to the Divine.

The great healing force of the Divine and the Seraphim Angels cannot be brought into the world without us and our own determined intention to receive.



Finding yourself in the presence of Grace

When you first begin a connection to your Angels you are learning about yourself, learning what are your strengths, your abilities that are special to you. Your way of receiving the guidance.

In the beginning you have to establish this relationship.

If you come from the position of learning about yourself and understanding that what you are receiving is for you, you can more easily receive it.

It is personal the angels want you to succeed, they want you to grow and develop in wisdom and understanding. Build this relationship first. Feel this loving connection, develop trust, faith and friendship with your Angels.

The Seraphim Angels are dedicated to us and our growth for if we do not work on ourselves how are we to be able to teach others the depth and meaning of what we are receiving.


If you would like to know more about the Angel Ministry click here for more information


 What others are saying about Saxon

Saxon is a gifted author and spiritual counselor – she helps people to heal and move forward on their life path.

These conversations with the Seraphim Angels that Saxon receives are clear and extensive and will enable you to create transformation and clarity in your life through easy and simple processes.

These messages are received in such a way that they also provide opportunities for you to work with the Seraphim directly.

Saxon’s translations have been called “important and life changing” “full of power and the healing of Divine love”, and “peaceful, blessed and relaxed” by those who receive them.

The Seraphim Angels chose Saxon to be in partnership with them and she is excited to share their inspirational and loving teachings and guidance with you to be a catalyst of change in your life.

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