Are you Willing to Surrender to Divine Love?

by The Seraphim Angels with Saxon Knight on June 27, 2011

Use the Energy of Divine Love

Divine Love

If you can focus on your life through the eyes of Divine love you will find happiness and joy there

Sometimes words are not needed for sometimes it is the energy that is of most benefit.  We bring you the light of the Divine and in this light is ecstasy, wisdom, love and peace. But most of all the light of the Divine love can free the hearts that are trapped in sorrow and loneliness.

It is the express desire of the Divine within you to find your uniqueness, your individuality, you creative self, your true path and your truth.  No one else can do this it is your path.

This path is not one of sacrifice, forgiveness or hardship, but a glorious unfolding, reaching into you sacred space of light.

Do you try too hard? Do you expect too much of yourself?  Do you berate yourself instead of being love? Are you harsh and unforgiving?

We understand that you feel you are stuck and we know you think you are alone in this.

But if you wish to see your path, to know the way and to allow your wisdom to flow you need to see clearly what must be done to remove all illusions from your thoughts. You need to be able to believe in who you are and have faith in Divine love.

Focus your Life on Divine Love

If you can focus on your life through the eyes of Divine love you will find happiness and joy there. It is your ability and willingness to surrender that will take you there.

Surrender is about opening, blossoming, expanding, and opening up to who you are.  It is about allowing the real you to emerge. It is about expanding your vision to include joy, compassion and peace.  Surrender is the most glorious accomplishment you can perform for yourself.  Opportunities in your life will arise for you when you surrender to who you are.

When you can learn to surrender you will see with gratitude for all things. You will naturally have gratitude for the glory and beauty of your world, the intricacies and purity of your universe.

When you can allow the wonders of your world to leave you breathless, when you can feel the hand of the Divine in everything you will know you have surrendered.

See Divine Love in Everything

When you can see, know and feel the Divine love in all, you will know who you are and you will be stripped away of everything but your original beauty.

Saxon Knight is a writer/speaker and translates the teachings of the Seraphim angels

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